Aldo & Paride Falchi

“Aldo Falchi? Brilliant. Cultured Art. An artist that for inexplicable reasons is still too hidden .. ”
Philippe Daverio, art critic, 2018

“The works that Aldo Falchi has created are among the few in our days that can be compared to those of past centuries .. He has a natural propensity to venture into interpretative speculations of the human image, which shows how the spirit of research is a constant in all his evolution …
And it is on the nude that the most conspicuous part of the sculptor’s work is concentrated. Nude that he considers to be the key hinge around which to carry out the entire program of his aesthetic research. ”
Renzo Margonari,art critic, 2002


He was born in Sabbioneta, Mantua (Italy) on November 30th 1935. Oriented towards figurative arts by an innate predisposition and by the example of his father, the painter Paride Falchi, recognised Master of ‘900, he began very young to sculpt. In 1954 he moved to Milan, where he attended the evening Brera Academy, while during the day he worked in the studio of his mentor, Remo Brioschi (in turn a student of Armando Violi and Arturo Martini), becoming his only disciple and collaborating in the realization of the Monument to “the Resistance” of Reggio Emilia as a model as well as a sculptor, to various sculptures for the Monumental Cemetery and for the church ‘Dei quattro Evangelisti’ in Milan.

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Born on June 28th 1908 in Sabbioneta (Mantua), where he spent whole his life. He attended the elementary school in the Palazzo Ducale (Palace of the Duke) of Sabbioneta. One day, coming back home from school, he was impressed when he saw a painter at work. From that moment he dedicated his whole life to painting. From 1920 to 1927 he was the helper of a villa decorator and local portrait painter from whom he learnt the techniques. He experimented the colour doughs and lernt perfectly the chromatic nuances. The first oil painting depicts a Christ created at the age of 14.

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